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Free World Phone



Are some of your customers or suppliers located outside of USA?
Is your head office or subsidiary located outside of the USA?
Are you a foreign native merchant doing business in USA?

Then your customers, colleagues, suppliers, relatives calling you from abroad must spend great amounts of money to speak with you over the phone.

You must take advantage of our FREE WORLD PHONE NOW!

RAZORQUOTE offers you a FREE Foreign NUMBER that we will forward to your USA landline or mobile number. This way, the people calling you from ABROAD will only pay for a LOCAL communication instead of international cost!

Antoine is a French retail merchant doing business in New York City. He registered for a merchant account with MuniCommerce. Because he was French, we provided him with a FREE Phone Number in France. He chose a number in Paris, because his parents live there. We forwarded this French Number to Antoine's cell phone, so Antoine can be reached even when he travels inside the USA.

Now, whenever Antoine's parents call him in the USA, they dial a Paris local number and they talk directly to Antoine for a few pennies, instead of paying for a long distance call...

You too can benefit from our offer.

We have foreign numbers available in more than 50 countries! Just ask for it..

Call us at (877) 729 6778

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