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Special Offer for Large Merchants



I cut Lone Star's transaction processing costs by millions and I'd like to do the same for you.

My name is Brian Young and I am the CEO of MuniCommerce.  We work with large retailers to reduce costs and increase profits by actively managing  transaction processing costs.  

Think of me as your Chief Payment Officer.  

“Brian pointed out a major area of savings for us at Lone Star Steakhouse. His ability to analyze and recommend various solutions to our card processing costs raised our awareness of the issue, and allowed me as the CFO to prioritize a solution resulting in a seven figure cost savings.” 

-- Ed Barton CFO Lone Star
(see "Recommedations" under my Linkedin profile)

Why are We Making this Offers?
We negotiated a high volume wholesale processing deal with First Data.   To ramp our transaction volume faster,  we are willing to write deals at interchant plus $0.09 per transaction to merchants who process at least 10,000 transactions per month. 

How much money will you save?
Its impossible to know how much you will save without conducting a detailed analysis of your current processing relationship.   That's why all MuniCommerce customers receive a free analysis detailing what they are paying now and how much they would save by switching.  

No Cost, No Obligation
We are offering an effortless way to cut your costs and improve your bottom lline.   The analysis is free and there is no obligation to participate. 

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Brian Young

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