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What Makes Us Different?



Honesty, Integrity and Value

At MuniCommerce, we are financial professionals. We manage Interchange for our customers. In a nut shell, that means making sure that our customers qualify for the lowest rate on all transactions that they process. We keep up with Visa and Mastercard's ever changing rates and rules so you don't have to. When you sign up with MuniCommerce, you can expect prompt, accurate and courteous service at a reasonable cost.

Benefits you can expect with MuniCommerce:


Credit card processing is complicated. The rate you pay is depends on how your account is setup, the card that the customer presents for payment, how you present the transaction for payment and the applicable interchange rate. We educate you on how the process works and what you can and cannot effect. By educating you on how credit card processing works, you can avoid costly down grades and fees

Statement Analysis

Once you understand how credit card processing works, you will realize that it is impossible for someone to offer you a 'rate' and know whether or not that rate will actually save you money without first doing a detailed analysis of your current processing statement. At MuniCommerce we perform a detailed statement analysis for our customers and show them the expected savings in writing. Click here to see an example of a MuniCommerce statement analysis

Interchange Management

We manage interchange for our customers so they don't have too. When Visa or Mastercard issues a rate change, we analyze how that rate change will effect your transaction processing costs and advise you of any changes you need to make. Does your current processor do that?

Equipment Pricing

We do not recommend that our customer lease terminals. Terminal leases are notoriously bad deals that usually end up costing the merchant 2 to 5 times what the terminal would have cost to purchase. We also do not advise that our customer's sign up for free terminals. We all know that there is no 'free lunch' and the free terminal is no exception. Free terminal deals are frequently attached to unfavorable contract terms that ultimately makes them not free. We sell terminals to our customers at cost. The terminal is yours with no strings or unfavorable contract terms attached.

And much more

  • Quick and easy account setup
  • Customer service & technical support available 24/7
  • Funds deposited to your current checking account within 2 business days
  • Prompt response and advise from a payment consultant
  • Detailed rate quote with full disclosure of all potential fees or charges
  • Honest review of any competitive quotes or offers, whether you choose us or not!
  • No application, programming or set up fees
  • Attractive Special Offers for existing merchants
  • Multi-lingual customer service (English and French

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