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Process and Guideline



For this guarantee to be valid, you must provide following

  • Three most recent months' statements
  • Original contract or agreement
  • Information about processing equipment's costs (as lease documentation or proof of purchase)

If any competitive fees seem to be missing or unclear, we may require you to provide the missing information. We can not honor the guarantee if we are not provided with all requested information.

When comparing costs, all rates and fees are considered. This includes, but is not limited to, discount rates, mid and non qualified rates, batch, AVS fees, statement fees, purchase or leasing of credit card terminals or other necessary hardware, customer service, termination or annual fees.

We will project these costs based on the merchant's business type, method for accepting cards, monthly charge volume, credit history and any other pertinent factors.

The intent of this process is to ensure that the competitive price is a fair reflection of costs to the merchant over the course of a year because almost all merchant account providers have a different way of pricing their service.

Ultimately, this rigorousness will help you better understand the true cost of your merchant account, regardless of who provides your service.

Once we honor our guarantee, the merchant has 5 business days to complete a MuniCommerce Account application. If the merchant does not complete the application within this time, we retain the right to void the guarantee. Further, should the competing provider subsequently offer lower rates, MuniCommerce will not be required to beat these rates.

This guarantee is dependant on the merchant being approved by the merchant account processor. In the case the processor does not approve the account, MuniCommerce will make every effort to get the same low rates through another processor, but we will not be able to honor the guarantee.


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