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Point of Sale Terminals are the preferred way of processing credit cards, debit cards, checks, smart chip cards, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and other electronically submitted transactions in a traditional retail environment. The terminals are used in "face-to-face" transactions. The merchant will swipe the customers' cards through the terminal or key-in payment information and the terminal does the rest.
Our in-store terminal payment solutions allow U.S. merchants to accept all major credit cards and debit/check cards through the latest in terminal technology.

The following terminals offer the best value and are the most popular, state-of-the-art terminals:

Hypercom T7Plus
Verifone OMNI 3750 with Built-In Printer
Nurit 8320

In addition, we carry terminals beyond those listed. Please contact us for details at 1(877) 729 6778.

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