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What is the phone number of your Customer Support department?
The phone number of our Customer Support department is 1 (877) 729 67 78

Can I see transaction information now, without having to wait for my statement?
The web-based reporting tool "MyMerchantView" can provide you with up-to-date daily transaction information. This an option we provide along with your merchant account.

Will my business receive a statement on the transactions process?
You will receive a comprehensive statement detailing your credit card transactions. This also comes with 24-hour customer service to assist you with all merchant account related questions.

Do I have to settle my terminal everyday?
Yes, you should settle your batch daily to avoid higher fees. Depending on your terminal we can set you up on auto-settle which will automatically batch your terminal at a specified time.

If I don't have a pin pad, can I still accept debit cards?
Yes, as long as they have the VS/MC logo they will clear as a credit card transaction. If you have a pin pad you will have only a transaction fee without a % from VISAŽ & MasterCardŽ. There is a small fee that the debit networks charge but we simply pass that through to you.

Do I need an additional phone line?
If your business does not produce a lot of transactions, we suggest using a fax or modem line, it only takes about 10 seconds for the transaction to go through.

Which currencies do you support?
MuniCommerce is a true multi-currency Payment Service Provider. We can accept transactions in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and many other international currencies.

What kind of training do you provide?
Complete training and continuing education are available for all of our customers. You will receive initial phone training, training guides, and user manuals to help you become acquainted with our products and services. We'll also provide you with ongoing updates on industry-related rule and regulatory changes.

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