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Why does my business need to accept credit cards from my customers?
By accepting major credit cards you can increase your credibility, customer convenience, and best of all, your sales. Statistics say accepting credit cards can increase sales by 30 to 100%!

What do I need to do to accept credit cards?
Simply, link to our online application and submit the requested information. In addition, we would need a voided check for where you want your funds transferred. You may also email us or call 877(RAZORQUOTE) for further assistance on setup, or other processing related questions.

What is a merchant account?
A merchant account is a commercial account that enables you to accept credit card transactions. It handles the transferring of funds from a shopper's credit card to your bank account.

How long does it take to set up a merchant account?
It generally takes 1-3 business days to establish a merchant account at MuniCommerce. That time may vary depending on several factors such as completeness of the application submitted, accuracy of the information provided, and the processing volume requested.

How long does it take to start processing?
Once your merchant account is approved, we can have you processing within 24 hours. All equipment is sent 3day air. Overnight delivery is available for an additional fee.

How will I know when I'm approved?
You'll receive a welcome email including everything you'll need to get started using your approved merchant account. And of course we will call you to make sure you are all right and that any of your questions got an appropriate answer.

Can I use my existing business checking account?
Yes. There is no need to switch banks. We'll deposit funds into any U.S. Bank. 

How soon will I have access to funds?
Settled funds for VISAŽ/MasterCardŽ are deposited into your business checking account within 24 to 48 hours. Settled funds for American Express, Discover and other "non bankcards" may take 72 hours and will show as separate deposits on your bank statement.

What credit cards can I accept?
You can accept VISAŽ, MasterCardŽ, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club. If you are already enrolled for these, let us know your Account numbers in the Application process so you can process using your existing accounts.

Can I accept debit cards?
You can accept debit cards for debit networks throughout the United States. If you are a retailer, you might also be interested in accepting "Pin Debit cards". You will then use a special device called Pinpad that may be integrated in the terminal and this will help you lower your monthly fees.

Will training be provided?
In our welcome email, we provide you with a special Training Phone number that you call when your new Merchant account is validated. After set-up, you will be able to call the Customer Service 24/7/365

How are my monthly fees paid?
Monthly fees are automatically debited from your business checking account. There is no need to send in a check to pay fees. A detail of all fees is provided in your monthly statement to reconcile your accounting.

How do I update my account profile?
Contact our office at (877)729-6778 to ask for an update. Changes will be made in two business days of receipt of request. Some changes (DBA, DDA) require a signature from the account guarantor.

Where do I order supplies from? Such as paper, slips, etc.?
You can call our office at (877)729-6778 to order supplies.

I was under the impression that an authorization guaranteed payment. Not true?
An authorization will only verify that an account is open and that there are funds available. However, if a card has been stolen and the loss has not yet been reported, any charges made by the criminal can later be charged back by the cardholder.

I have several locations that are all networked together.  Can I process credit cards at different locations and use different merchant accounts?
Yes.  Some companies prefer to open up separate merchant accounts for different locations in order for the monies to be settled into different commercial bank accounts.

I have a checking account with my local bank but they cannot provide me with a Merchant Account. Can I still work with my bank?
Absolutely, you can apply with us and we will deposit the funds from transactions directly into your business checking account.

Can I use someone else's merchant account to do my transactions?
No, this practice is known as "credit card laundering" or "factoring." It is against the VISAŽ and MasterCardŽ agreement. Using someone else's merchant account to process your credit card transactions can lead to heavy fines and perhaps more. In addition, you'll also put that merchant's credit card processing account in jeopardy.

What are debit cards?
Debit cards at the point of sale are an alternative payment method. When goods or services are purchased with an ATM Debit Card, the funds are removed from the customer's checking account. In addition to the standard ATM cards, many banks also issue the VISAŽ Check Card and/or MasterCardŽ's Master Money Card - both of which can be used in either an online or offline debit arena.

What is the difference between online debit and offline debit?
The difference between these two debit choices is whether a PIN (personal identification number) is used at the point of sale. When a PIN is used the transaction becomes "online" and funds are immediately withdrawn from the cardholder's available funds. When an offline debit transaction occurs, funds are not withdrawn until the transaction processes - usually 2-4 days after the sale. Debit card transactions are the fastest growing point-of-sale payment method today. The acceptance of this payment method continues to remain popular because customers and merchants both appreciate the convenience and ease of using debit cards to purchase merchandise and services.

What are commercial cards?
Commercial cards - corporate, business, purchasing - are issued to businesses as an alternative way of financing expenses such as supplies, T&E, etc. (often replacing purchase orders). These cards also provide users with specific reporting advantages. By using a commercial card, cardholders get itemized records of all their purchases, which simplify reimbursement procedures and helps track expenses. This specialized reporting is possible because specific data is captured at the point of sale. MasterCardŽ and VISAŽ each provide issuers with the ability to issue commercial card products.

What is a private label card?
A private label card is a credit card issued under the name of a particular merchant organization. Merchants offer it as an incentive for cardholders to spend money at their businesses. Cardholders receive benefits (special discounts, deferred payment schedules, frequency points, etc.) for using the private label card instead of VISAŽ, MasterCardŽ or American Express. Private label cards carry the insignia of the merchant issuing the card.

What is a stored value program?
A stored value program allows you to offer your customers a proprietary card pre-loaded with value for future purchases. There are many different applications for stored value cards (Gift Card, Merchandise Return, Pre-pay).

What is Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)?
EBT is the automation of cash or cash-like benefits through electronic authorization, data capture and settlement processes. This is accomplished with the use of plastic magnetic-striped cards at the point-of-sale terminal. The end result is the elimination of coupon benefits distribution. The electronic process results in increased security, thereby reducing fraud and benefit misuse.
The US Government has mandated that all federal financial support services and entitlements be distributed through direct electronic deposit by the year 2002.

What is Electronic Check Processing (ECP)?
ECP is a transaction via ACH (Automated Clearing House) or facsimile draft sent by a merchant to directly debit or credit a customer's checking or savings account. ECP processing is often used for recurring payments, such as monthly membership fees and is available in the United States and Canada.

Are Internet merchant accounts compatible with all shopping carts?
No. Shopping cart companies make their software compatible with certain secure payment gateways (Authorize.net, Verisign, etc.) In addition, merchant account companies work with different secure payment gateways so their clients can process credit cards online. It's important to take to find out from your merchant account company what secure payment gateway you'll be using. If it's Authorize.net, you can expect most shopping cart companies will support that gateway.

Do you accept non-U.S. merchants?
To be a merchant with MuniCommerce, you must be a business in the United States.

Can you describe the application process?
The application process begins when you complete our on-line pre-application form. You can also contact us by phone and ask that we send you an email with the appropriate form to fill. When we receive your filled application, we call you on the same day to eventually obtain additional information and verify a few facts. Then we send you the definitive Applications to sign.

What if my application is not approved?
We take pride in offering the best possible solution to obtaining and getting you started in accepting credit cards, debit, checks.etc. We have many solutions for the merchant and believe we can provide the best solutions and information if we can't get you approved.

Are my funds guaranteed?
Any customer has the right to dispute a credit card charge from the card's issuing bank. If a charge is challenged, a retrieval request will be sent to the merchant asking for proof that a sale had been made by the customer. In addition, the merchant's credit card processor has the right to discontinue service for many reasons. And finally, a merchant should take due diligence to protect against someone trying to order merchandise with stolen cards by becoming familiar with the process.

How does a payment gateway integrate with my website?
Typically setup is quick and easy. The merchant or webmaster simply establishes a link between the Gateway secure server and the merchant's website.

What is check verification? Do I need it?
Check verification is a service that provides merchants with varying degrees of insurance against bad check losses by verifying the authenticity of each check and/or its presenter. Checks are verified through a national database gathered from retailers who upload bad check information. While check verification service is not required, this service does help keep your business losses to a minimum.

Can I process for more than one business with my merchant account?
No. VISAŽ / MasterCardŽ rules and regulations prohibit more than one business processing on a merchant account. Keep in mind, however, that you can have more than one merchant account as long as the business name and tax ID are unique for each account.

I already have a retail merchant account: can I use this for the internet?
No. Retail merchant accounts cannot be used to receive payments for Internet payments. If you have a brick-and-mortar business and want to sell your products on a website, you will need to apply for an Internet merchant account.  The difference between a standard-retail merchant account and a web-based merchant account is that the customer and credit card are not physically present. There is no assurance that the cardholder is initiating the transaction, thus making it riskier for the underwriting bank. As a result, you will pay a higher cost to accept credit cards online because the possibility of fraud is increased.
If you have any more questions please call us toll free at (877) 729 6778.

Will my merchant account be approved with a processing limit?
Merchant accounts are approved based on actual or projected dollar volume. MuniCommerce monitors account activity and reserves the right to review accounts at any time should the volume be significantly above or below the level represented on the merchant application.

I am switching to MuniCommerce from another processor. When should I inform my current processor that I will be closing my account?
You should wait until your new account is fully set up to process your transactions through MuniCommerce. Once you're ready to process with us, you can inform your previous processor.

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